Why should your Small & Medium business adopt SEO?

Why should your Small & Medium business adopt SEO?

Do you know how many websites are launched in a day?

Every single day 547200 new websites are churned out in the internet an your website is one among them. Here you will have question like

  1. Will my website stand out in the crowd?
  2. How can my website be found in the crowd?

And many more questions like this come up for a website owner. Particularly being a small & medium business you have lesser resource & fund s available to manage your web presence online and get ranked in the search pages, be it Google, Bing or other search engines.

Every business owner or Entrepreneur should take advantage of the SEO strategies for the benefit of standing out in the crowd and be visible to their prospective buyers or market.

Brand Visibility with SEO

A well run SEO campaign make your brand visible in the market & put you in a better position in front of your prospective clients. SEO helps you to be the front runner in your market segment.

This is not easy to attain to make your brand visible in your market segment you need to adopt a customised strategy that will suit your business & put you in front line in search results. Businesses will hear a lot of SEO jargons like On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, PPC and many more, its best to discuss with your SEO team to know what they are offing to give you in return.

It takes 2 hands to clap, every business should be part of the SEO campaigns that is woven to attract your prospects, business should make their have a fair idea on what they want and have a clear plan in their growth strategy.

What should your SEO team be knowing?

Beyond jargons that were stated above your SEO team, be it in-house or an agency, should be aware of how they are going to handle your projects & reach out effectively to the be positioned in the search results. Below are some suggestion that are to be taken into consideration be this list is not that will be suiting all the businesses, the list can be exhaustive and have to be chosen effectively to deliver the best results in the search ranking & drive your growth.

  1. Website – What technology does this use? Is it delivering the right message & what they (your prospects) are looking for? Device responsive & browser compatibility.
  2. Keyword Research – This is an important part which needs to be brainstormed with the stakeholders in the business. A well performed results will lead to better results on the search ranking.
  3. Competitor Analysis – This pits you against your competition and keep you inform on what your competition is upto & position yourself in the market space which will leverage your brand position.
  4. On-Page SEO – Title tags, Meta description, Alt tags, URL structure, Loading speed.
  5. Off-page SEO – Build backlinks & do guest blogs to high value website having higher DA (Domain Authority), posting on Social media channels to fetch mileage, submit infographics to relevant sites will improve indexing and better crawling by search bot or spiders.
  6. Local SEO – targeting your local business area is a good move for every business & your SEO team should advice you on this strategy.
  7. Content Marketing – publishing new articles on your blog site or won to third party blog sites will prove beneficial and drive traffic & in turn growth. Search bot are looking for fresh content to index feeding them appropriately will be the right strategy to grow for business.
  8. Being prudent is an important factor for an SEO agency / team. No Black hat techniques are to be adopted which will be deterrent for you website to be listed, not only that you will be black marked by Google search engines.
  9. Parallel running of paid campaigns can be done, if your budget accommodates & this should not binge on your SEO campaigns.
  10. Setting up Analytics, Search console & other KPI (Key Performing Indicators to measure your SEO growth has to be a important process & sharing this data with the businesses is important to understand where you are in the progress line, are you going up or down? Ask question & get corrective measure in place.

SEO is a process which will have to vetted out with care & good strategy & flexibility in the process as it progresses. Expecting SEO campaigns to show results on day one is one important factor that every businesses should agree upon. It is not a magic that can be performed or enticed to bring results.

Adopting SEO campaigns prudently will fetch results effectively.


We need to conclude that all business small to corporate or startups need to have these in mind to get best results out of their SEO exercise

  • Businesses should work with your SEO agency or in-house team to achieve results that are envisaged for the growth.
  • Determine what your goals are and where you want to be in your prospects mind. When your goals are driving traffic to your webpage do not expect leads to come with this, be specific in your goals for multiple goals tackle them one at a time prudently.
  • Do not push your team or agency to show results immediately understand its a process & it need to be populated well.
  • Have your say in the keyword research stage & do not forget to question or listen to what the SEO agency wants to say on this.
  • The above list is only a ready reckoner this can be exhaustive and long with your goals & objectives.

Team Easy Link can give you an site audit for your web presence if you have a website online or we can engineer a web presence for your business connecting your prospects.

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