What happens behind the scenes when your website is developed?

What happens behind the scenes when your website is developed?

The knowledge of who plays what role in your companies web presence gives you the edge to understand what is the best you can expect from the various designers roles that goes into the development of your website. Every person plays a efficient role to craft your web presence to give the best of the experience to your target audiences.

Concept Designer

He is the person who understands your requirement & develops a concept that will make your brand resonate with your product or service. He is the one to decide the technology that goes into the development based on the market analysis / survey for a product or service. Your brand image is consider to a major extend by this person to reflect your products or services you offer to your prospects.

Web Designer / UX Designer

This title is actually a misnomer this guy should be called as the UX – User Experience Designer instead. This person is plays an important role in creating the user experience that your visitors need to navigate when they visit your web store or website. The UX designer thinks of your website as a whole, and create navigational flows from one page to another. He creates the hierarchy of what goes where and how it should behave. He integrates your payment cart & fashions the shopping experience.

Visual Designer

This guy is the one who make your web presence colourful and make it appealing to the visitor & creates an everlasting impression on the prospects mind. They define the systems design & make it uniform and appealing to the audience, he takes the input from the UX designer & UI Designer. To make it more understandable he is the one who decides if the hover action on your buttons should change colour and what it should be off. The mocks are the brains of this guy.

Graphic Designer

As the title goes he is the one who takes care of the graphic elements that goes into the development of your web presence. This guy is also responsible to give your brand an outstanding image that will leave everlasting memories itched in your prospects mind which will be imbibed to the sub-conscious minds of the audience that will make them come for more.

Code developers

You must be now wondering what will be the role of this guy as the above functionalities have crafted your web presence to get a maximum exposure to your prospective audience. This guy plays a vital role on the coding structure of your web presence that will behave as per the expectations of the concept, UX, Visual and Graphic Designers. These are the guys that put up your jig-saw puzzle in an orderly manner.

DataBase Designer

This guys structures the DB of your website on how effectively the informations are stored or retrieved as per the actions deemed by the user. This guy coordinates with the other designers to make your web presence function smoothly and effectively so the the information sought by your visitors are fetched appropriately and made available in the manner deemed to be displayed.

Now you know the guys that engineers your web presence for your prospective customers to serve what information hey want.
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