Google Workspace

In March 2023, Google announced adjustments to Google Workspace pricing for existing business customers. These changes took effect in February 2024, potentially impacting your monthly bill. Let’s break down the details specifically for Indian businesses using Google Workspace.

What Changed?

Previously, Google Workspace offered Business Starter, Standard, and Plus tiers with fixed monthly costs per user. The price increase affected all monthly-billed plans within these tiers. Here’s a breakdown of the new pricing in Indian Rupees (₹)

  • Business Starter: Increased from ₹450 per user/month to ₹540 per user/month (20% increase).
  • Business Standard: Increased from ₹900 per user/month to ₹1,080 per user/month (20% increase).
  • Business Plus: Increased from ₹1,350 per user/month to ₹1,620 per user/month (20% increase).

Who are all Impacted?

  • Businesses with existing monthly subscriptions to Business Starter, Standard, or Plus plans experience a price increase.
  • Businesses with annual subscriptions or those who secured annual contracts before the deadline are not affected (but may see changes upon renewal).
  • Google Workspace Enterprise plans, typically negotiated directly with Google, may have seen separate adjustments.

What Didn’t Change?

  • The core features and storage limits associated with each Business tier remain the same. Including pooled storage limit. 
  • You can still choose between monthly and annual billing for Business Starter, Standard, and Plus plans (although annual plans offer a way to lock in the pre-increase price).
  • Google Workspace continues to offer a free tier with limited features for personal use.
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What’s Not Included in Google Workspace Pricing?

Google offers a few optional features that can be added to your Google Workspace plan for an extra cost. These include:

  • Google Duet: Google’s generative AI assistant integrates directly with your Workspace apps, helping with tasks like summaries, emails, and presentations. While currently free to trial, it will be charged at $30 per user, per month.
  • Google Voice: Google’s telephony service for making phone calls and sending text messages. Plans range from $10-30 per user, per month (limited availability: US, UK, Europe; SIP Link workaround in some Latin American countries).
  • Google AppSheet: Google’s no-code software development platform can also be added. Pricing starts from $10/user/month.

Additional Considerations

  • Email Marketing Tools: While Google Workspace offers basic email functionality, it may not be ideal for advanced email marketing campaigns. Consider exploring dedicated email marketing tools to enhance your communication strategy.
  • Long-Term Plan: Evaluate your business needs and budget to determine if Google Workspace remains the best fit moving forward.

Google Workspace plan depends on your business size and needs:

Business Starter (₹540/user/month)It is ideal for freelancers and small teams (under 5 users) who need basic features like professional email, document editing tools, and limited storage.
Business Standard (₹1,080/user/month)A good fit for medium-sized teams. It offers everything in the Starter plan, plus email archiving, ample storage (2 TB/user), and video conferencing for up to 150 participants.
Business Plus (₹1,620/user/month)Caters to larger businesses requiring advanced security, massive storage (5 TB/user), and larger video conferencing capabilities (up to 500 participants).
Enterprise (Contact Sales)Best for large organizations with complex needs. It provides all Plus features with enhanced admin controls, advanced security features, and third-party archiving tool integrations.

Remember, you can mix and match plans within your company and consider annual billing to potentially save costs.

Taking Action with Easy Link India

The Google Workspace price increase might necessitate adjustments to your collaboration strategy. Easy Link India, a leading provider of IT solutions in India, can help you navigate these changes.

Here’s how we can assist:

  • Google Workspace Optimization: We can analyze your current Workspace usage and suggest ways to optimize your plan and potentially reduce costs.
  • Migration to Annual Billing: We can assist you with a smooth transition to annual billing for existing plans, locking in the pre-increase price.
  • Exploring Alternatives: If the new pricing doesn’t align with your budget, we can help you explore alternative collaboration tools catering to your business needs.

Stay Informed and Optimize Your Collaboration Strategy

The Google Workspace price increase is an important consideration for Indian businesses. By understanding the changes and taking appropriate action, you can ensure your collaboration platform remains cost-effective and continues to support your business productivity.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of each plan’s features and pricing in Indian Rupees (₹)