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Google Maps Launches 4 Attractive Features for Local Shopping. It’s absolutely amazing, check them out!

Google Maps Launches 4 Attractive Features for Local Shopping. It’s absolutely amazing, check them out!

Google maps have introduced new important features to consider the local shopping experiences. These features have increased sales for businesses. Google for business has released data on local purchasing throughout the holiday season. So, let’s consider the new features that are made available on Google maps worldwide.

Area Busyness feature describes the current trends: Adding this feature to google maps is a plus point. This feature has not only helped customers to know a specific location but has also benefitted those who prefer to avoid enormous crowds. This new AREA BUSYNESS feature helps aggregate the current Busyness trends from various companies of the same categories. This feature turns out to be a great advantage for businesses that have a pre-defined set of targeted audiences. Using this feature is very simple. You just have to open google maps, touch on an area and check how busy it is at different times of day to receive Area Busyness statistics. These google maps show you how busy you are right now and how busy it is expected to be throughout the week and weekends. When you search for a few locations, you will find that majority of them are busy during holidays, weeks, and weekends.

Directory Tab feature:

Google maps are extending its feature on Android and iOS. This useful feature helps in inculcating all malls, airports, and transit stations worldwide. This directory tab displays which businesses are in a building and helps in discovering various other features like car rentals, airport lounges, parking lots, and various other amenities.

Grocery shopping feature:

So, if you are at a local market, the directory page will help you with a list of shops, how many stars they have, and its google reviews. Earlier this year, Google maps started a tool that has allowed all its users to fetch groceries for pickup. This google maps grocery shopping has now extended to over 2000 store locations. Google maps will then show the order status and help communicate their estimated arrival time with the retailer.  

Information about the restaurants:

When users look for nearby eateries on Google maps, they get all the information from their previous customers. It is available in the form of Google reviews, ratings, and price ranges.

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