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When digital transformation is done right, it is like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a fast caterpillar. But for the time being, let us keep the caterpillar aside and think about the butterflies blooming. Yes, today post, the Covid era, almost 80 percent of retailers have registered themselves digitally. Today, they can make use of insights to connect with their targeted group. From providing local information online before shopping to customizing their experiences, digital platforms create new opportunities for retailers to connect; with their audience. Connecting platforms like Google search, Google Maps, YouTube, and local inventory ads are useful: mediums to get the desired engagements.

Googling the world from a bigger lens:

Whether it is about- supporting small businesses or searching a nearby store, Google is the ‘father’ of everything.

The searches for local businesses have increased by 80 percent in a year.

The searches of ‘who has’ and ‘in stock’ have increased by 8,000 percent over a year.

Apart from retail searches, there is incredible growth in online research before going out to a restaurant. People search more about foods and beverages through online advertisements. It surely means that we have become more reliable on ‘Google’ than anyone else.

YouTube: A medium gaining maximum traction

Talking about YouTube, it has become a habitat for not only well-known brands but also local brands.

Even viewers confessed that they go on buying something after checking the product details on YouTube videos.  Also, YouTube is becoming a source of entertainment plus monetization platform for all of us.

Google maps: A journey that takes you everywhere

Google Maps has become an integral part of our lives. We should be thankful to the makers for inventing a thing that helps us navigate the world.

Searches for ‘curbside pickup’ have shown an increase.

Searches on Google maps for ‘discount’ have increased on a global scale.

Searches on Google Maps for ‘gift shops’ have shown a significant increase on a global scale.

  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Grocery store
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels
  • Gas station
  • Food

Local inventory ads: A world of possibilities

These ads help the retailers to provide information about their products. They help people by displaying actual inventory available at a shop nearby.

There is a significant amount of growth in the local inventory ads

Retailers are using these ads to increase the likelihood that consumers will walk into their shop and buy the product.

How digital bridges the gap between consumers and shops:

The consumer path to purchase is mobile. Retails which provide the audience with local and relevant information with the help of online presence helps in increasing the engagement and reach. So, while you are helping to drive shoppers in-store, this information improves customer experience. Plus, customized offers and recommendations help retailers to distinguish themselves. All we can say is that “Digital has fundamentally shaped the shopping journey in a good way”. Also, savvy retailers use digital platforms to engage customers to find themselves ahead of the competition.

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