What is SEO Outsourcing? Why consider it?

What is SEO Outsourcing? Why consider it?

Most marketing teams have so much to do but do not have enough time to do it. It is especially true with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When some people hear the word “outsourcing“- they think that your in-house team is never engaged-that should not be 100% true.

SEO Outsourcing will save your time and will drive results, but a disconnected SEO team is just a failure. The best SEO “outsourcing” involves the true partnership between an SEO agency and your in-house team, who ensure reaching organizational goals and campaigns aligned with SEO efforts, and sourcing in-house industry expertise.

SEO can be complex because of changing algorithms, tough competition, and a general lack of understanding. It will take a while to achieve the desired results. But, those results can have hefty dividends over time.

Juggling expectations about money, time, and human resources devoted to this service is one of the most difficult challenges for anyone trying to win at SEO. That is why companies often seek outside help to get things done quickly at lower costs.

Also, there is some apprehension when outsourcing any element of a business. It also means you will need to instill your trust in a third-party user. This concern is understandable, but it just means that any company considering this move should only use qualified providers.

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The Impacts of Outsourcing: Negative or Positive?

Outsourcing something such as SEO can have an incredible impact on your business and the levels of productivity of your in-house marketing team. It can have a disastrous impact or a positive impact. Yes, it is risky and a long game, but should be played.

So, here are the reasons; why any company serious about their digital marketing should consider outsourcing their SEO efforts by using a digital marketing agency.

1.) Getting back your valuable time:

It is the basic benefit of outsourcing your SEO efforts. Optimizing your site pages and content to rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) consumes a lot of time. It also happens mostly, when people handling it are not experienced. So, having seasoned professionals for the role of your SEO campaign will save your company much-needed time.

2.) It is very cost-effective:

SEO is difficult. It usually is not worth the cost and time to train an in-house full-time employee on SEO. It is also because they might not have the right skillsets to start with, or the training will consume a lot of time. Marketing teams get busy as it is. So, if you want to get it done right then you will need someone with years of experience who specializes particularly in the areas of SEO and digital marketing campaigns. Outsourcing your SEO services will provide your organization with a team of experts for considerably less than it would cost to house them within your team. An SEO company provides a large amount of value for a low cost. Always remember that SEO pays dividends over many years. Getting your SEO wrong right from the beginning can be far more costly than the cost of it being done right.

3.) You get faster results:

 If your page has a fair amount of organic traffic, a digital agency can take what you have and will apply a full digital marketing strategy behind it. It includes a keyword strategy, content marketing strategy, and lead generation to see results quickly from the traffic and content you already have. Implementing and developing a proper SEO strategy on a site with normal content and traffic can give you faster results. By outsourcing SEO, you can also count on work that will start immediately, instead of facing the usual delays that come from planning and pre-planning before execution. After all, less experienced professionals will take time to learn and work things out even before they begin, whereas expert SEO professionals face no learning curve.

4.) Stronger digital marketing strategy is assured:

Marketing companies do SEO just by writing content and hoping that it will generate organic leads and traffic. Yes, that is true but partially. A high-quality SEO company helps you develop a competitive strategy in the following areas:

  • Proper keyword strategy
  • Content Marketing (Getting business and leads from your content creation)
  • Link building (Getting backlinks from different domains)
  • Content strategy through various channels (Youtube, blog, etc) and types (topic clusters, tutorials, and guides)

A well-planned digital marketing agency can take what you have and put a digital marketing strategy behind it. Also, SEO companies who specialize in SEO can have a detrimental impact on your overall digital marketing strategy because they do not consider the impact of their efforts on aspects such as user experience.

5.) Getting an objective perspective:

It is very easy for people wearing an organization’s shirt to lose their passion for the brand. It is not a bad thing, but it leads to problems when evaluating work. Also, when you are close to something, recognizing flaws and cracks becomes more difficult.

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These are the most understated benefits of outsourcing your SEO services to a digital marketing agency: you will have people committed to doing sincere work. Someone from your in-house team may consciously be unable to perceive mistakes in his work because his job depends on it; whereas organizations, need to be impartial and get results because of their reputation.

Outsourcing SEO services do not have to be a risky proposition. It can be positive for any organization, as long as they take the proper time to evaluate available providers.

Are you worried about outsourcing SEO?

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