How to plan your Title tag for SEO Ranking?

How to plan your Title tag for SEO Ranking?

What is the title tag?

Tag design by HTML code that provides a web page a title. This tag shows in search engine pages for clickable heading for web pages. 

Title tag is also a major ranking part in SEO.

Use the Title Tag Preview Tool of MOZ  to check the preview of your title tag.

How to code the title tag in a web page?

<title>Example Title</title>

Use before the head close tag.

What is the Optimized title tag length?

The length of the title tag is 50–60 characters with spaces. Below 60 character titles will be shown in google properly above 65 characters title tags will not display properly.

Titles can appear in these places

1.Shows in Search engine result pages

2.Display in Web browsers tab 

3.External & Social networks

4.Unfurled chat messages

How do you write a good title tag for SEO Ranking?

1.Perfect Character length 

2.Stuff the main keyword

3.Every page needs different titles ‘

4.Keywords should be in first

5.Write your brand name once 

6.Write for your audience need 

7.Short & Clickable 

8.Avoid Duplicate 

Note : Avoid these words in title tag (A, And, But, So, On, Or, The, Was, With) & try different combinations of words. 

Clickable word for title tags :(Get, Take, Boost, Learn, Make, Go, Tips, Points, limited offers, etc) 

What’s new in Google Rewriting Title Tags in SERPs?

From AUG 18/2021 Google had some changes in title tags. SO google has started fetching the title tag text from web page content more in H1 Tag.

Evidence shows that Google is taking text from H1 tags, Lily Ray seen Google New title tag rewritten & tweet from her profile.But Not only she many of the seo experts sees.

  • It’s necessary to rewrite your new title tags?

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