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Will ChatGPT or AI Content Kill SEO?

Will ChatGPT or AI Content Kill SEO?

Trivia, one of the largest finance websites, has started using AI to create some of its content, which has sparked various reactions. Some consider this a game changer in web publishing and SEO, while others consider this paradigm shift scary as it could lead to the decline of the human workforce and a surge in the unemployment rate.

Before writing this article, we asked ChatGPT whether AI tools like ChatGPT could kill SEO. It replied, “Absolutely not! As an AI language model, I can say with certainty that AI tools like mine will never kill SEO. We are here to assist and improve the SEO industry.”

What is ChatGPT, and how does it work?

ChatGPT is an AI language model developed by OpenAI that uses a deep neural network to generate natural-language responses to user queries. It has been trained on a massive data set of text from the internet, such as books, articles, and websites, that allows the model to understand and generate human-like language. It works by processing the input query, analyzing the language and context, and then generating a relevant and helpful response to the user. ChatGPT can also learn and improve over time as it is exposed to more examples of natural language and is trained on new datasets.

AI tools and SEO

Using AI tools in SEO will only enhance SEO professionals’ work. By leveraging the power of AI, SEO experts will be able to analyze data more quickly and accurately, identify new opportunities, and develop more effective strategies. AI tools can help with keyword research, content optimization, link building, and website design. They can also help identify technical SEO issues and provide insights into user behavior.

ChatGPT’s limitations and the value of human-created content

The revolution of AI tools in content creation may have just begun, but they have their limitations. ChatGPT, for instance, lacks experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EEAT), a quality standard according to Google. Furthermore, it may not have access to current or accurate data since it is not connected to the web. Fact-checking the data presented by AI tools can become a headache. This is why you should write quality content. It’s good to remember that ChatGPT is only a tool, not a solution. The best-written SEO content requires a lot of skill and a nuanced understanding of language, audience, and brand voice. Therefore, AI tools like ChatGPT cannot replace human efforts.


In conclusion, AI tools like ChatGPT can be useful for content creation but will not kill SEO. Instead, they will enhance the work of SEO professionals by enabling them to analyze data more quickly and accurately, identify new opportunities, and develop more effective strategies. However, AI tools have limitations and can lead to lower-quality content, so an expert human review is necessary to ensure quality content.

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