How HTTP status codes affect Google Search?

How HTTP status codes affect Google Search?

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Let’s take a look HTTP status codes                         

HTTP status codes

  1. HTTP 2xx codes
  2. HTTP 3xx codes
  3. HTTP 4xx codes
  4. HTTP 5xx codes
  5. Network errors
  6. DNS errors

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HTTP 2xx (success)

204 status code which means the page was successfully load but no content was found.

Instant that Google may show a 404 in Search Console for pages serving a 204 code.

HTTP 3xx (redirects)

Not all redirects are equal.

An HTTP 301 status in terms of which URL should be considered canonical.

The content is the same as last time it was crawled there is no effect on indexing.

HTTP 4xx (client errors)

4xx status code is not considered for indexing in Google’s search results.

If the content already existed, the URL will be removed from Google’s search.

HTTP 5xx (server errors)

5xx server errors indicate Googlebot to temporarily slow down with crawling.

For more detail about these server errors, and information on DNS and server errors, see the full Google help document.

Source form: Searchenginejournal

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