The Basics of FaceBook Advertising for Business and brands

The Basics of FaceBook Advertising for Business and brands

Why FaceBook Advertising is still considered important?

If you have an impression that FaceBook is only for share memes, greetings, videos & connecting with your friends, then it is time you need to reconsider these. FaceBook still is one of the largest Social Media platform with a wider membership and still going strong day by day. With Facebook you have the ability to reach your target audience, you can advertise to your audience based on their age, behaviour, interest & specific location. If you have a real insight on your customer base is easier to engage them on the FaceBook platform with your ads.

See our below Infographic on what are the ways you can target your customers on Facebook.

Get to know the Benefits of FaceBook Ads

In this age of Big Data & Interactivertising (interactive + Advertising) you are bound to loose your money if you aren’t targeting your customer base with Facebook advertising. The below list of benefits will definitely get you to look into FaceBook advertising in a major ways after you read them. If you need someone to walk you through this process of FaceBook advertisements we are there to help you, contact us for more detailed information.

  1. Target Audiences are on FaceBook spending more time.
  2. The Cost of advertisement in FaceBook is cheaper. Low cost per acquisition.
  3. Ads can be more focussed to reach your targeted customers
  4. Increase your brand awareness & gets you more customer attribution
  5. Increases web traffic.
  6. Increase your revenue, sales & Lead generation.
  7. Measure your Ad performances.
  8. Drive off-line sales by getting in-store walk-ins.
  9. Engage your customers through remarketing through FaceBook.
  10. Get Word of mouth & referrals by going viral.
  11. Facebook Ads helps you to build a email list for email marketing.
  12. Boosts your SERP (Search Engine Ranking & Positioning)

Many have a feeling that FaceBook is only for the Retail Segment & to target the B2C customers. Facebook can help the B2B business grow largely due to the fact that Facebook has a larger database of users & as said earlier it keeps growing the number of users which makes it the best social platform to leverage your brands, products & services make you cash registers ring on.

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