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Common SEO Myths Debunked 2022

Common SEO Myths Debunked 2022

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is inevitable for the success of your online business in digital marketing. Its importance in driving quality leads your way is proven time and time again. However, there are a lot of gray areas and myths on the way to achieving a stellar SEO score.

With too much information everywhere and too little clarity, it is natural for a business owner new to SEO to get dazed. In this blog, we will debunk five common SEO myths for you.

#1 SEO is a one-off task

Many tend to believe that only a new website needs SEO to get ranking, and after stuffing keywords into a site, the job is done. Nothing can be further from the truth than this one. SEO is a consistent and prolonged commitment that must be acted on religiously at regular times. 

Periodic research of competitor sites, identification of new branded and related keywords, the performance of the existing strategy, and capitalizing on recent trends are part of your SEO journey. Owing to the time and effort required to monitor and improve SEO, many companies prefer to outsource it to digital marketing agencies like Easylink, which provides end-to-end SEO services.

#2 The more, the better

If you think posting daily on social media and blogging every day will only fetch results, you are sadly mistaken. Your website and social media require regular quality content, we agree. But, it does not have to be daily. 

Even if you post twice a week, your site will do well as long as the content is top-notch, keyword-rich, and optimized. But, posting excessively not only saturates the system but also gives over-familiarity to your readers, who no longer have to wait to anticipate your content. This lack of excitement can be disadvantageous, as your readers may pass your post to the next one. 

Always prioritize quality over quantity to maintain an effective SEO strategy.

#3 Link building doesn’t concern SEO

“Why would I want to promote someone else’s website on my own?” you ask. But that is not the aim of link building. You build links by including other website links in your blog or content asset in your website. More such links are beneficial in getting a higher ranking, as search engines see link building as a reader-centric effort. More reference links to your readers mean that you want them to get rich, detailed information about the topic and strive for the same. 

This phenomenally improves your SEO, as you come off as authentic and genuine. Backlinking is also possible, in which other websites incorporate your links in their content for better reference and understanding, thus projecting you as a domain expert. Building links also enables a better crawl rate and your web pages to be found by search spiders.

#4 I don’t need SEO

SEO can be a nightmare if you are commencing a business on your own and you’re a small business owner. You might even tend to believe you don’t need SEO for a small business. Surprise! 36% of successful small businesses have an SEO strategy for themselves. 

Establishing an efficient site architecture, creating a significant digital footprint, churning out quality content, and periodically optimizing with the right keywords are essential steps in laying a solid foundation for your business. 

There may be older websites doing well in your industry, but you are no less than them. With quality content, crawlable site architecture, optimized keywords, and frequent engagement, your SEO score will dramatically increase. You can always hire a digital marketing agency to provide the best SEO services and handhold you through your journey.

#5 Launch PPC, and everything is sorted

Launching a campaign and running them are two different things. Anyone can launch a PPC campaign. But your job doesn’t end there. You must monitor progress carefully and keep looking for opportunities to optimize it. Active monitoring, consistent trial and error, bidding, and operating in accordance with your traffic can result in good ROI for your investment. 


Since growing or established businesses do not tend to have the patience, human resources, or time to monitor digital campaigns, expert PPC agencies and ROI marketing agencies like Easylink take care of end-to-end PPC services, local SEO services, Google Ads campaigns, and everything else you need for a robust digital presence.

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